Plant Health Resources

Posted below are links to industry relevant articles, books, websites, and videos that we recommend that our clients review before, during and after tree or plant health services. Whether you’re looking to gain a better understanding of a service or looking for more insight on maintaining your own landscape, check out our resources.

Tree Health

  1. Why Hire an Arborist? (PDF)
  2. Tree Finder
  3. Tree and Plant Advice
  4. The Value of Trees (PDF)
  5. Caring For Trees During Construction (PDF)

Plant Healthcare

  1. Proper Mulching Technique (PDF)
  2. Tree Owner’s Manual (PDF)
  3. Are Your Trees At Risk?

Soil Analysis

  1. A&L Great Lakes Laboratories


Homeowner Resources

  1. TCIA – The Voice of Tree Care
  2. Tree Care Tips.Org


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