Plant Health Services

FJR Tree Inc. also provides a variety of plant health-related services.  These are specific services that will impact the overall health and well-being of trees and plants. We offer fertilizing, insect and disease treatment, soil testing and soil care, tree cabling and bracing (static and dynamic tree support systems) and lightning protection.

Plant health care is an important, yet often neglected field. Maintaining tree health will lead to a prosperous tree with numerous benefits. A healthier tree means lower risk of structural failure, which can happen during a high wind event or even on a calm pleasant day. A healthier tree decreases the chances of insect and disease problems; most trees in good health are able to defend themselves with stored energy and the adaptive systems they have in place. If a tree is in a high state of stress, the tree will have difficulty protecting itself against insect and disease problems. The goal is to maintain a healthy environment for trees and plants to live in to minimize maintenance and treatment costs. Trees are an investment for the future.  Consider us your tree doctor.


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